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Castore Table Lamp

Table standing luminaires for diffused incandescent or halogen lighting.
Diffuser in white handblown venetian glass with external etched finish
Stem in steel tubing covered by a tapered sleeve in white translucent molded polycarbonate, allowing for partial soft diffusion of light from diffuser
Base in die-cast metal alloy with white powder coated finish
Touch dimmer with chrome finish, incorporated in base
On/off switch on cord for Castore 14 table

Castore 14
HAL G9/T4 1x40W supplied

 Castore 25

LED E26/A19 1x8W dim. or
FLU E26/Twist 1x20W dim. or
HAL E26/A19 1x75W or
INC E26/A19 1x100W

Castore 35
LED E26/A19 1x12.5W dim. or
FLU E26/Twist 1x24W dim. or
HAL E26/A19 1x75W or
INC E26/A21 1x150W

Castore 42
LED E26/A19 1x17W dim. or
FLU E26/Twist 1x32W dim. or
HAL E26/A19 1x75W or
INC E26/A21 1x150W


All bulbs sold separately unless otherwise noted.
All wattage info. listed above denote the maximum allowed wattage.

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