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Nador Bed

Drawing inspiration from the high-end hotel market, the bed and headboard were designed to inspire a sentiment of generous comfort and welcoming softness. The high headboard reaches 50'' ½ from the floor, and is available in a choice of 2 widths (85'' & 112'' ½ ) to enable all types of bedside tables to be accommodated with ease. For smaller spaces, a lower (H 34'' ½ ), narrower (78'' ¾ & 86'' ½) version is also on offer. As for the bed (63'' x 78'' ¾ or 70'' ¾ x 78'' ¾), this comprises an upholstered base, a thick mattress (preferably sprung) and a mattress topper: the elevated, 'anglo-saxon-style' sleep platform which results will satisfy the most exacting requirements in respect of comfort.

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