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Book & Look Desk

Items in the BOOK&LOOK range are made from lacquered or veneered panels - 0''1/2 (10 mm) thick in the case of shelving units, or 0'' 3/4 (19 mm) for chests.


Sideboards on feet (with adjustable jacks) are delivered with 1 removable shelf behind each door. The top is in 20 mm thick Carrara marble (with waterproof protective treatment), walnut veneered or lacquered to match the sideboard. The feet are in aluminium, lacquered to match the rest of the sideboard.


Double bay with one door in toughened lacquered opaque glass with lacquered aluminum frame to the left, and two large lacquered wooden hinged doors to the right. The sliding door passes in front of the hinged doors; the latter are equipped with a ‘push' mechanism and each have four square facings. There are 5 wooden shelves behind the sliding door, and 4 behind each hinged door. This double bay is priced and delivered with its own base.


Secretary with storage, with a door in the lower part, topped by a flap and a lift-up face (mounted on dampened lid support). A square cable port fits in the thickness of the flap and provides access to the lower part. Lacquered faces, lacquered or plated enclosures and base of 25 x 25 mm steel, epoxy lacquered to match the faces. The set is double-sided. For the finishing touches, first listed color is that of the structure, second listed color is that of the facades.

-PODIUM (Small, Medium, Large)


This chest is always positioned on top of a base, to be ordered separately. Shelving units (maximum of 2 across its width) may be located on top of the chest, as can a wall panel of the same width, incorporating a TV support and/or a tray (D 17'' ¼ or D 21'' ¾ ). However, a second podium cannot be positioned on top of the first. Where the podium is to be used without a wall panel, the top of the podium may be equipped with 1 cable port (optional), the location of which is always central (small podium) or may be equipped with 2 cable ports (optional), the precise location of which is to be specified at time of ordering.

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