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Annabelle Chair

Annabelle Chair

Have it all with this stylish chair that provides must-have versatility. A smart build and sensible looks combine to create an irreplaceable chair that makes an essential addition. Pleasing aesthetics and trusty utility combine to make this chair an alluring addition.

You love the soothing, down to earth look of this welcoming style, with its wood accents and warm, irresistibly tasteful colors. Chezvous, old-fashioned finishes and textures pair perfectly with floral prints, stripes, and understated checks, and cherished family objects enhance the ambience. Let your love of all things country shine through in your decor it is a great way to live!


• Ultra-durable steel construction
• Folder wood
• Comfortable seat
• Also available with wood seat # Metal: Oxidado (52) # Recovery: - # Wood: Cognac (95)
 Depth 19 1/2"
Width 23"
Height 39"

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