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Dover Collection

The Dover Collection

Your may have found a chair your love, stop by in store to test if it feels as good has it looks! Join one of our sales staff to learn more about what makes Stressless such an amazing brand that everyone should own.

Designing the perfect chair in the perfect way in just a few easy steps:
Step One:
Explore the styles with one of our trained sales staff.
Step Two:
Find a size that suits you, most chairs come in Small, Medium and Large variations.
Step Three:
Picking your finishes; a variety of leathers, fabrics and wood stains are available to match your space your way.
Step Four:
Sit back and feel the stress melt away.

Knowing the Bases:
The incredible stability and timeless design of the Classic base has provided unbeatable comfort for decades. Sizes: Small, Medium & Large available

With its gentle rocking motion, this stylish aluminum and wood frame is a treat for the eyes and the body. Sizes: Small, Medium & Large available

Classic Power Leg:
A motorized integrated footrest that is elegantly concealed beneath the seat. The back of the recliner automatically follows your movements in the chair. To operate the footrest, use the set of buttons that are discretely placed under the armrest. There is a battery option with magnetic charger attachment for easy access. Sizes: Medium & Large available

Office Base:
Now you can enjoy the advantages of a Stressless recliner with the mobility of a wheeled office chair. Comfort for every room. Size Medium.

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