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Wo Vase

The Wo vase (Chinese for whirlwind) is animated by a movement of fluid torsion. It suggests an emerging state of matter and is a metonymy between the contents - water - and the container - the vase. Appearing different from every angle from which it is viewed, the shape invites one's gaze to move over it. From an industrial point of view the challenge was to transform the 3D design of this model into a mould for the manufacturing process. It is advised that this vase be presented in groups of 2 or 3, so as to enhance its elliptical, wavelike shape. 

Vase in gloss enamelled porcelain. Porcelain is a fine, translucent ceramic which is produced by heating kaolin to more than 1400°C, which makes it very hard. 2 firings were required in this particular production process, one initial firing and one for the enamelling.


Designed By Vincent Tordjman

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