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T Vases

The T vase is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made from glass which is first blown, then scuffed. One of the branches of the ‘T’ takes the vase, with the others supporting stems or branches. Vases may be interlocked to create a compact group, made yet more interesting by the fact that T is available in 3 soft, harmonious and easily associable colourways. These vases required two years of development since their original shape is achieved thanks to a complex procedure: the glass is blown onto a platform whilst the mould is rotated. This technique requires great dexterity and must be done very rapidly. In the case of the SMALL VERSION, once a piece has cooled, it is scuffed by hand to obtain a cloudy effect. Each piece is unique and all vases are signed by the designer. 

SMALL VERSION: vase in matt-finish mass-tinted mouth-blown glass (brushed effect). 

LARGE VERSION: vase in mass-tinted mouth-blown glass, with a frosted finish inside and outside.

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