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Durus Mattress

Sprout Mattress Collection
The Durus Mattress

Offering a distinguished level of comfort and support coupled with the distinctive health benefits, Sprout mattresses are designed to transform the quality of your sleep night after night.

The materials used in Sprout mattresses are carefully selected and tested to improve your physical and mental health and reduce our environmental impact all without compromising on quality. Intelligently responsive multi-zone pocket coil system, natural latex, wool, silk, and cotton combined to bring an incredibly supportive sleeping experience that doesn’t cost us the Earth.

Sprout Durus is a sophisticated model that is deeply supportive and comfortable. Designed to immediately adjusts to your body weight as you lie down, it is no wonder Durus is one of our more popular mattresses. Handmade with carefully selected layers of 100% natural latex for pressure relief, wool, silk and cotton for deep comfort and soft feel, Sprout Durus is a two-sided flappable tight- top mattress constructed to provide an optimal sleeping experience to all body types.

Made in Canada.

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