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Elizabeth Sofa


As most of the creations of Nathan Yong, Elizabeth, is a design both fluid and worked and a showcase of natural materials. Here, the impressive structure of the armchair and the sofa is of solid black stained ash: it creates a cozy alcove in which the several cushions, which are intended to be a mix of colors and/or coverings, form a welcoming and intimate space. In looking closely at this structure, the number of elements and the quality of their assembly, one can readily imagine the amount of work its manufacturing requires. The cushions add comfort and charm through the diversity of their shapes, and of their fabric coverings if desired. The small cushion can also be used to support the head comfortably on the structure and enjoy the comfort of a high back seat. In a living room, the love seat and armchair will go well either with traditional or more contemporary pieces, bringing in a decorative and warm look. The countless possibilities of combining colors and/or materials on the decorative pillows will also ensure its owner to have a virtually unique piece of furniture!

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